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Variables to consider when selecting a valve

Variables to consider when selecting a valve

Valves play a critical role in your fluid system, and selecting the right valve for your application can be a challenge. There are obvious questions to answer – pressure and temperature requirements, for example – but you should also consider additional criteria that may help you select a more appropriate valve type. In this section, we discuss some of the variables you should consider when selecting a valve.

What do you want the valve to do?

  • On/off
  • Flow control
  • Directional flow
  • Over-pressure protection
  • Excess-flow protection
  • What are your application and system parameters?
  • How should the valve be constructed?
  • What actuation method is required?
  • Does it need to meet a code or specification?
  • How will the valve be installed and maintained?

Also consider some other factors that will help you determine the right valve type for the job. It is important to consider the entire range of parameters your valve may encounter.

  • Pressure and temperature (are there fluctuations?)
  •  Flow rate
  •  Type and size of end connections
  •  Cycle life
  •  Total cost of ownership
  •  Environment
  •  Flow path
  • Additional options

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