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Valves serve five primary functions in a fluid system. which are:

  • On/off: starts or stops flow within a system,
  • Flow control: regulates flow,
  • Directional flow: determines the direction of flow,
  • Over-pressure protection: safely relieves system pressure if a pressure spike occurs and
  • Excess flow protection: shuts off or restricts flow to prevent an uncontrolled release of a process fluid.

When selecting a valve for an instrumentation system, your choices may seem overwhelming. Just to name a few, there are ball valves, diaphragm and bellows valves, as well as check valves, excess flow valves, fine metering, gate, multi-port, needle, plug, relief, rising plug, and safety valves. Furthermore, each of these valves comes in many sizes, configurations, materials of construction, and actuation modes. To make the best choice, it is always good practice to ask the first question in valve selection: What do I want the valve to do?

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Swagelok Valves

Choose from a selection of high quality and reliable Valves for your applications

Process Valves and Manifolds

Create a smooth transition from the process piping system to instrumentation in a single configuration, with fewer potential leak points.

  • Integral tube fitting ball valves in sizes up to 2 in. and 50 mm
  • Flanged process interface valves up to 2 in. (DN50)
  • Large variety of special application valves

Types: Ball valves, needle valves, single block valves, single block and bleed valves, double block and bleed valves, manifold valves

Instrumentation Valves

Depend on leak-tight performance for years of use even in the most demanding applications.

  • Wide variety of end connections including integral Swagelok tube fittings, male and female pipe end fittings, VCR metal gasket face seal fittings
  • Broad operating temperature range (–325 to 1200°F, –200 to 648°C)
  • Large selection of materials and sizes up to 2 in. or 25 mm
  • Working pressures up to 15000 psig (1034 bar)
  • Large variety of special-application valves
  • High-cycle, high-integrity sealing

Types: Ball valves, bleed and purge valves, check valves, excess flow valves, manifolds, metering valves, needle valves, quarter-turn plug valves, relief valves