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Top 5 reasons to use Swagelok tube fittings

Top 5 Reasons to use Swagelok Tube Fittings


Swagelok tube fittings have a grip-type design that uses a unique "hinging and colleting" action to achieve optimal performance in three key areas:

Tube grip - hinging and colleting action provides more direct tube contact/gripping support.
Gas seal - burnishing/polishing action of the front ferrule creates concentrated zones of contact on the tube and on the body bevel for a stronger seal.
Vibration resistance - the colleting region better isolates stress risers at the tube grip to resist bending, deflection, and vibration.

2. Material

For optimal performance, Swagelok tube fittings:
– Take advantage of a stainless steel chemistry
– Provide superior Chloride Stress Corrosion Cracking (CSCC) resistance
– Are offered in a wide range of alloys to combat corrosion
– Can be used in engineered combinations
– Are made from only high-quality raw materials

3. Design

With 200 active patents worldwide, we continue to improve our proprietary design:
– We outperform other fittings in three key areas - tube grip, gas seal, and vibration resistance.
– Our unique SAT12® carburization process produces better performance.
– Swagelok fittings are easy to install and are backed by extensive training.
– We conduct continuous, rigorous testing for extreme environments.

4. Manufacturing

– We forge, machine, electropolish, weld, assemble, and test—all in our own facilities.
– We use optimized top-of-the-line tools and machining methods across 20 production facilities.
– Our robust Reliability Excellence program keeps equipment running at optimal efficiency.
– Traceability at all phases is an integral part of our overall quality system.
– Our Limited Lifetime Warranty is a promise as strong as our products.

5. Installation

Swagelok fittings come fully assembled, and connections can be reassembled many times. They are easy to install, and our expert training equips your workforce with the essential know-how.
– Only standard wrenches are needed
– No threading or flaring
– No soldering, brazing, or welding
– Significantly lower torque required compared to most other tube fitting brands

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