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View Tech Talk 2: Regulator Troubleshooting Recording


View Tech Talk 1: Regulator Selection & Sizing Recording



Pressure regulators play a crucial role in many industrial fluid and instrumentation systems, helping to maintain or control desired pressure and flow in response to system changes. It is important to select the right regulator to keep the system operating safely and as intended - the wrong choice can lead to inefficiency, poor performance, frequent troubleshooting, and potential safety hazards.

In this 2 part Tech Talk series on Pressure regulators, we give an overview of different types of regulators, how they function, how they can be applied to meet the needs of your system and how to troubleshoot common regulator problems.


Tech Talk 1:

Regulator Selection & Sizing

Tech Talk 2:

How to Troubleshoot Common Regulator Problems

 Webinar Agenda:

  • Regulator Theory and Performance Criteria Review
  • Regulator Flow Curves: What are they and How do we read them?
  • Flow Coefficient (Cv) of a Regulator
  • Regulator Selection

 Webinar Agenda:

  • Common failure modes : Seat Creep, Diaphragm Distortion, Diaphragm Crack, Shell Leak, Flow Restriction
  •  Steps to troubleshoot some of the most common problems
  •  Regulator maintenance


Wednesday, 20th April | Time: 11:30AM to 12:15PM

Platform: Microsoft Teams Meeting


Wednesday, 27th April | Time: 11:30AM to 12:15PM

Platform: Microsoft Teams Meeting

About the Speaker:

Keerthi Sai, Dy. Manager - Custom Solutions 

Keerthi Sai began his career in 2012 as a Marketing Executive with an MNC, specialized in manufacture of Hydraulic machinery. In 2018, he joined Swagelok as a Senior Application Engineer representing Custom Solutions. He is currently responsible for generating CS and Field Services revenue from Telangana & AP region while providing Engineering support to the Outside Sales team. In Jan’2022, Keerthi joined the Field Engineering team from Swagelok Bangalore. 

Market Expertise: Alternative Fuels, Pharma R&D, Oil & Gas 
Product Knowledge: Swagelok Regulators (RHPS & Kenmac),Valves & Hoses 

About the Speaker:

Kapil Bansal, Asst. Manager - Custom Solutions

Kapil Bansal Joined Swagelok Bangalore in early 2017. Currently, he is supporting Swagelok Delhi team for all custom solutions activities. He is working with various refineries, EPCs & petrochemical organization with-in North India. He is also offering customer trainings & hose services to customers. Before Swagelok, he has spent 2.5 year with Parker Hannifin group. He gained experience of various Pneumatic circuits, SOV and actuator configuration, Vacuum systems.

Market Expertise: Gas applications, Instrumentation panel working, NGV/CNG.
Product Knowledge: Swagelok grab sampling, Hoses, Regulators, Actuators, SOV.