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Swagelok Bangalore

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When using a Swagelok tube fitting, it is important to remember that the fitting performance can be greatly compromised by the use of poor quality tubing.

Tubing is considered to be the fifth important component when considering tube fittings and tubing selection for a fluid system. Despite its importance, tubing selection is often treated as an afterthought. It is counterproductive to use low quality tubing in the design of a critical fluid system. Purchasing tubing to ASTM, or equivalent specifications, is a start toward tubing quality. However, most such specifications allow rather wide latitudes when considering several important factors.

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Swagelok Tubing and Tools

Choose dependable tubing in a wide variety of materials for virtually any industry or application. Tools for cutting, bending, and deburring tubing for repeatable results and leak-tight performance.

  • Instrumentation and ultrahigh-purity stainless steel tubing from 1/16 to 4 in. OD and 3 to 25 mm OD
  • Tube benders and tube preparation tools
  • Manual and hydraulic swagers, gauges, wrenches
  • Tube support system for tube and hose sizes 1/4 to 1 in. and 6 to 25 mm

Tubing Types: Chemically cleaned and passivated tubing, ultrahigh-purity stainless steel tubing, medium pressure heavy-walled annealed tubing, insulated and jacketed tubing, pre-insulated tubing bundles