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Creating a Hose Maintenance Plan Could Save Your Plant Thousands

Creating a Hose Maintenance Plan Could Save Your Plant Thousands

Knowing the right time to replace hoses in a plant is a common concern among many of Swagelok's customers and with good reason. Waiting too long to replace a hose that needs attention can greatly increase your risk of failure, possibly leading to a safety issue and unplanned downtime. Replacing a hose too early while not a safety risk can be costly in terms of time and money. A preventive hose maintenance plan would be a valuable addition to nearly any plant's standard operating procedures.

A preventive maintenance plan can help by providing information on each individual hose in your plant. This means tracking the life and performance of every hose, inspecting them frequently, replacing them proactively, and identifying key replacements to have at your facility. While developing such a plan may seem onerous, the cost-saving benefits can make it well worth the upfront time investment.

Steps to Creating a Preventive Hose Maintenance Plan

 1. Identify All Your Hoses

 2. Track the Life Cycle of Each Hose

 3. Follow Inspection and Replacement Protocols

 4. Analyze Your Data

 5. Be Prepared with Spares

Regular inspections and meticulous record keeping will require an investment of time. A hose maintenance plan could mean significant cost savings and improve your plant's safety. With a plan in place, you should be able to replace hoses less often, replace them only when needed, and always have fast access to a replacement when necessary. These outcomes mean increased profitability, enhanced safety, fewer delays, and readily available replacement hoses while a manufacturing process is down. If you keep track, the numbers will tell the story.

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