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Types of Tube Benders

Swagelok offers three styles of tube benders: the hand tube bender, the bench top tube bender (manual and electric), and the electric tube bender. Together, the three styles of tube benders cover tubing sizes from 1/4 to 2 in. and 6 to 50 mm.


Hand Tube Bender

hand tube bender

The Swagelok hand tube bender (HTB) is a compression type tube bender. Each bender is designed to bend a particular tubing size in a variety of wall thicknesses. Watch how to use a Swagelok hand tube bender: 


Bench Top Tube Bender

The Swagelok bench top tube bender (BTTB) is a rotary draw type tube bender. Swagelok offers bench top tube benders in both electric and manual units.


Each bender comes equipped with either aluminum or steel bend shoes and roller sets. Each shoe/roller set is designed to bend a particular tubing size in a variety of wall thicknesses. Steel bend shoes should be used to bend heavy-walled tubing and for high production applications. Watch how to use Swagelok bench top tube bender:


Electric Tube Bender

Electronic control for automated bending.

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