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Advantages of Orbital Welding over Manual Welding

Advantages of Orbital Welding over Manual Welding

Since its introduction several decades ago, automatic orbital gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW) has increasingly gained favor across industries where maximum leak integrity, high performance or ultra-cleanliness are of paramount importance. The precision and reliability of automatic orbital welding over manual techniques is what encouraged the industry to recognize its value in welding. Industrial fluid systems typically operate under extremely high pressures and literally can contain hundreds of welded connections. The failure of just one joint can have catastrophic consequences.

Advantages of Orbital Welding

For the Welder

  • Color touch screen in multiple languages
  • Weighs less than 23 kg
  • Repeatable, reliable, high purity welds with more control throughout weld process
  • Powerful tool in the hands of an experienced welder, and easy enough for the novice
  • Easy to learn
  • Quick setup time
  • Automated purge
  • Reduced errors

For the Process

  • Real-time monitoring
  • Recording of weld output performance
  • Safest connections with fewer potential leak paths
  • Eliminate threaded and mechanical joints that are costly due to maintenance and  replacement costs
  • Accurate instrument readings

For the Facility

  • Drastically outperforms manual weld quality and consistency.
  • Quality and repeatability of welds
  • Increased safety
  • Quick ROI
  • Electronic data capture allows you to automate your documentation
  • State of the art technology monitors process, captures and compiles real time data, and electronically transfers to a computer where it formats data for statistical analysis

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