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Why choose an Orbital Welding System

Why choose an Orbital Welding System?

Orbital welding provides a safe, reliable, clean method of fabricating fluid systems for a wide variety of industrial applications. Orbital welding is extremely versatile and has the ability to fuse together plumbing components in a wide variety of sizes and materials with a consistency that is difficult to match using manual welding techniques.

Open Platform Design

Orbital welding power supplies have been incorporating more skills of the welder into the welding system itself, enabling efficiencies in automation, programming, and documentation. An open platform design allows an interface with standard devices and the ability to expand as technology evolves and needs change.


Aspects of the welding process that historically would be undertaken manually, such as travel speed, arc gap, current control, and gas flow, are controlled through electronic and mechanical means. This minimizes many of the variables in the welding process that can lead to errors or defects and enables welders to focus on overseeing the process and completing actual welds.


Every orbital weld, regardless of the application, requires the creation of a program that controls the output characteristics of the system. Systems can simplify programming by providing step-by step procedures to create programs for many different tube diameters, wall thicknesses, and base materials.


In some industries, documentation of the weld is important for quality assurance and control. Traditionally, weld operators have had to maintain detailed, written weld logs that must be entered into databases and formatted into reports. Today's orbital welding technology enables this data to be stored within the system for retrieval and transfer to databases for analysis and reporting.

Weld Repeatability

With orbital welding, the electrode is rotated in an orbit around a joint on a rotor. The rotor and electrode are housed in the weld head, which rotates around the tube. The process is highly controlled to help ensure that high-quality welds can be produced on a consistent and repeatable basis.

Gas Control

Newer orbital power supply designs feature automatic shield gas control to the weld head. This helps eliminate operator inefficiency or the possibility of incorrect settings that could negatively affect weld quality. The controller adjusts gas flow automatically based on the program selected for a particular weld. The integrated flow controller also prevents operators from initiating the weld without gas flow, an error that could result in damage to the weld head or the work piece.

Blast Purge

Further gas control advancements enable operators to improve their efficiency when welding at locations where the power supply is a long distance from the weld head. A sufficient gas volume must be present at the weld location before the weld starts. Blast purge fills gas lines rapidly, then automatically returns gas flow to normal levels, allowing operators to start a weld sooner.

Power Considerations

Power supplies with high power outputs can weld larger-diameter and heavy-walled tube and pipe while maintaining consistent welds. Newer welding systems offer the power output needed to weld the heavy-walled components found in general industrial applications like oil and gas, as well as smaller-diameter, thin-walled tubing for R&D or semiconductor applications.

Portability and Accessibility

Small, lightweight orbital welding systems are designed for portability. Weld system power supplies can be moved easily from one job site to another. Remote controls and detachable weld heads and fixtures allow joints to be pre-positioned and enable welding in hard-to-reach places. There only needs to be enough clearance at the weld site to allow the weld head to make a full 360-degree orbit around the tubing.

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