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Swagelok Bangalore

Your Authorized Swagelok Sales and Service Center

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Listening to customers 

intently. Acting with urgency

Continuous improvement isn’t
easy but it’s the Swagelok way of
doing things.

Swagelok closely manages

its supply base to protect 


Swagelok maintains a high-
performing supply base and
measures it takes to protect
customers from supply and
demand variations.

Reliability Excellence

Swagelok ensures our equipment
is as reliable as our products and
services with a predictive
maintenance program that
delivers reliability excellence.

Swagelok_Information_Technology_Video Swagelok_Inventory_Video_Grid 

Knowing Our Markets and 


Swagelok truly understands our
customers, their applications,
and the markets they serve.
That’s why they trust us to
recommend which alloy to use
for specific applications.

Charting a Course for the 


Swagelok’s investment in an
enterprise-wide SAP®
implementation is enabling the
entire company to work from one
source of truth.

Collaborative Replenishment

Swagelok’s collaborative
replenishment program ensures
our roughly 10,500 make-to-
stock products are available and
on hand at our distributor and
customer locations when they
need them.

Nonstop Operation

Swagelok owns the
manufacturing process from
start to finish so we can control
the maximum number of
variables, ensuring product