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Swagelok Bangalore

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CNG Infrastructure

CNG is a dangerous fuel due to a combination of the high pressure under which it is stored and its flammable nature. Safety is of utmost importance and an accident can result in serious consequences. It is hence very important that a gas distribution company gives due importance to the selection of products for all CNG station related applications like cascades, compressors, priority panels, dispensers, station forecourt areas etc.

Swagelok Bangalore has been servicing this market in India since inception and we provide products, assemblies and services to all major City Gas Distribution companies across India.

Swagelok offers Tube Fittings, Valves, Hoses, Tubing, Filters, Pressure Guages, Tools & accessories and Pressure Regulators. Several of our products also meet or exceed compliances like AGA, CGA, CSA, ECE, ISO, NGV, and PED to name a few. In addition to the products, we also offer a host of services such as Custom Solutions (We build Priority Panels, Hose Assemblies, Valve assemblies), Swagelok Certified Training, Energy Audits, Vendor Managed Inventory, Application Support and Compressed Gas Leak Detection Services.

New Products and Solutions for this industry include:

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