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Swagelok Bangalore

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New Product Updates

GB Series

Full Flow Ball Valve

Designed to reduce installation, maintenance, and inventory costs while meeting pressure and flow specifications, this full flow valve delivers the performance and quality you have come to expect from Swagelok products.

GB SERIES Full flow Ball Valve

83 dxl 3 way ball valve

 83DXL Series 3 way ball valve

CNG dispensers located at filling stations represent a very challenging application requiring high pressures and frequent cycling. Swagelok has launched 83DXL series valve with improved cycle life performance in “fast fill” CNG dispenser applications.

83DXL 3 Way Ball Valve

subsea weld fitting

 Subsea Weld Fittings

Swagelok has developed an extensive range of fittings specifically designed for the rigors of subsea applications.

Subsea Weld Fittings

Fx series hoses 

FX Series High pressure Metal Hose 

New Swagelok FX Series High-Pressure Metal Hose Available in ¼ in. and ½ in. Sizes – Upto 413bar.

FX Series High Pressure Metal Hose

 AbT fittings

Assembly By Torque (AbT) Fittings

Offering reliable and repeatable assembly methods, the assembly-by-torque (AbT) fitting assembles quickly. The patented AbT fitting allows an installer to quickly assemble and reassemble the fittings utilzing a standard torque wrench up to 25 times while maintaining a leak tight connection.

AbT Fittings

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