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Compressed Gas Leak Detection

Identify Leaks and Quantify Leak Rates

At Swagelok we have found that about two-thirds of energy costs for compressed air and gas can be significantly reduced without large capital outlay. The solution - Swagelok's Compressed Gas Leak detection program.

Compressed Gas Leak Detection Service is one of our Energy Management Programmes where we audit your System from the Gas Bank area to the User Point with the help of Ultrasonic Equipment & Snoop Leak detector. We check for Leakages even in the hardest to reach areas of your plant and examine your systems for Potential Safety Hazards, Misapplication of Components, Excessive Wear and Damage. And, upon completion of the survey, we present a detailed report documenting all connections tested and any issues that were found.

This gas leak detection survey will help you identify leaks and quantify leak rates so you can prioritize the most critical issues to address based on safety, cost and productivity.

Watch how we conduct Compressed gas leak detection survey and the benefits of this survey

Why should you conduct a Compressed Gas leak Detection Audit? - What are your Benefits?

Leak Detection + Leak Prevention = More Profit

  • Identify and quantify the source and cost of each leak
  • Control and prevent leakage with our comprehensive program of analysis and recommendations

How do we conduct this Audit

  • Initial discussion with you to review your unique situation and requirements
  • Customized evaluation proposal
  • In-plant evaluation, in consultation with your team
  • Documenting the program
  • Detailed report with prioritized recommendations and solutions
  • Ongoing support and leak prevention training
  • Revalidation once remediation work complete

Sample Findings

How much did your facility spend on electricity last year?

We recently completed an evaluation for a customer’s compressed gas system. The customer's system is online approximately 3,000 hrs/year (12hours a day, for 250 days), and the facility pays Rs.8/kWh for electricity. Given these variables, our findings were as below:

Swagelok ultrasound leak detection example

A Single Leak Can Cost Rs.6017/Year - How Many Leaks Are In Your Facility?

Swagelok ultrasonic leak detection cost of leaks