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Swagelok Bangalore

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Leak Detectors, Lubricants and Sealants

Leak Detectors, Lubricants, Sealants

Detect, eliminate, and avoid leaks before they impact your system performance. 

Swagelok Offers:

  • Snoop® liquid leak detectors
  • Goop™ thread lubricants
  • SWAK™, PTFE Tape, and PTFE Free pipe thread sealants

snoop leak detector

Liquid Leak Detectors

Snoop and Real Cool Snoop liquid leak detectors detect gas leaks in hard to reach areas. 


  • Sustained bubble action works even on very small leaks and vertical surfaces
  • Flexible snooper tube extends for hard-to-reach areas
  • Noncorrosive, nonflammable formula does not contain chlorine
  • Contains corrosion inhibitor for added protection
  • Formula dries clean, without staining

Pipe Thread Sealants

Swagelok pipe thread sealants are compatible with a wide range of chemicals, enabling leak-tight sealing in a variety of applications.

SWAK Anaerobic Pipe Thread Sealant


  • Cures to a bond that resists vibration or shock
  • Lubricates threads, preventing costly thread damage due to galling and seizing during assembly
  • Allows low breakaway torque for easy to break connections, even after fully cured
  • Is compatible with a wide range of chemicals
  • Applies quickly and easily
  • Clings to threads and will not shred or tear on assembly

PTFE Tape Pipe Thread Sealant


  • Material conforms to Commercial Item Description A‑A‑58092
  • Temperatures up to 450°F (232°C)

Thread Lubricants

Swagelok thread lubricants ease assembly of leak tight connections for a variety of metals and alloys.

Swagelok Offers:

  • Silver Goop
  • Pure Goop
  • Blue Goop

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